The Journey

After many years of importing product import (since 2001) into South Africa we came across an opportunity to enter the health food market. Goji berries, the most famous superfood, was the break. This was the start of a journey into the establishment of a nationwide brand, SOMAMA, that we believe stood out on the shelves from other brands in packaging, design and product choice. As with goji berries we were on the cutting edge of “trendy” superfoods; chia seeds, dark chocolate goji berries and coconut flour (in anticipation of the upcoming Low carb, Banting craze we knew was coming). Food and nutrition for us is not business; it is our lives, our passion. Staying in touch with the global food “trends” is not a labour at all it’s what we would do even if we weren’t sourcing, selling or consulting on food.

The Crossroads

As scientists, the deep and analytical interrogation of each product, packaging and supplier took its toll on our sustainability. We had ability but not enough time and we soon realised that we needed a bigger team to achieve the vision we believed in. We painstakingly conducted a survey, analysed the figures and the state of the health market, and made the very hard and brave decision to push pause on SOMAMA.

Same passion, New destination

Through our passion, travels, work and deep analysis we have developed an extensive understanding of product sourcing in a foreign country and taking it from a bulk raw material all the way to a customer’s home. Large food producers and retailers have appreciated this and have approached us to source product for them. So have decided to push play on larger bulk quantities of long shelf life products into and out of South Africa.